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Glam Glow Glitter Mask Review

Is Glam Glow's New Glitter Mask Worthy of the Hype?

It's an interesting time in beauty, if you ask me. Glitter is back with a vengeance — that is, if you considered glitter ever gone in the first place. I wasn't a glitter girl myself until this year. I like to keep things understated when it comes to my jewelry, and while I love makeup, I tend to focus on shimmer over straight-up glitter. But the old understated Kirbie can't come to the phone right now. Why? Because she's bathing in glitter.

It's not just me. Instagram is rampant with slow-motion swatches of the stuff; apps like KiraKira are feeding into the frenzy by taking regular photos and videos to the next level. Knowing this, brands are eager to make products that create the ultimate in sparkly beauty product porn. Enter the recent launch of glitter masks.

The leader of this particular movement is GlamGlow, the Los Angeles-based skincare phenom that is known for its signature Gravity Mud treatments. The brand's clay masks are the only ones I can wear without having to fear a potential breakout the next day, and my skin truly is brighter and clearer after removal. But in the name of being honest, I have to ask: is this mask just a gimmick? Are there any benefits at all? Or it it just a ploy to get Instagram likes?

Ahead of the launch, I tested out the #GlitterMask ($69), and the results were not what I was expecting. Here are a few questions I've been getting about the product and my personal experience using it.

Doesn't the glitter hurt?
In short? No. This was the first thing I considered, given there are large stars in the mask. Would it cut my skin? Would I feel it at all? Because of the mixture, the product smooths onto the skin nicely, and I didn't feel any specks of glitter during my application or drying process.

What does the glitter do?
Absolutely nothing. The glitter itself is not infused with hyaluronic acid or any other ingredient and doesn't pull anything out of your pores. It's just a glitter, and it's there for aesthetics and amusement.

How does it work?
There are ingredients like licorice and marshmallow leaf, which GlamGlow refers to as Teaoxi Complex for use in firming your skin. There's also marine algae plasma and red algae extract to help tighten, plus hyaluronic acid and glacial clay. All of these ingredients work together to create a youthful, more lifted look.

This is a peel-off mask. So you slather the product all over your face, let it dry, then peel it off. I happened to get mine off with just one peel, and unlike many peel-off masks, this did not hurt or irritate my skin. Too many times, we have heard that these types of masks remove impurities from pores, and thus have enough power to rip your facial hair out by the follicle. In my case, this would have resulted in a massive breakout. But that's not what this mask is for.

What is the point of the mask then?
It's meant to lift the skin and make it glow. I'm always suspect of masks that claim to lift or firm the skin because, in my experience, they rarely deliver. But after I removed this mask, my cheekbones were noticeably lifted, and my skin looked firmer as well, especially around my eye area. My skin also felt superplump and hydrated afterward, too.

What makes this different from other peel-off masks?
Besides the insane glitter party going on, I'd say that the drying time takes longer than most peel-off masks. Usually I can get away with leaving one on for 10 minutes before peeling it off, but in this case, it took half an hour at least before I felt comfortable enough to remove it.

Is glitter safe for the environment?
Here's the truth of the matter: I absolutely love this mask. It's fun to wear and my skin felt and looked fantastic afterward. I applied and removed it live on Facebook, and I even got comments that my skin looked like I had foundation on afterward! But glitter is not great for the environment. The brand says, however, that the mask is made with cosmetic-grade glitter and that it's meant to be peeled off and discarded in the trash, not washed off, which is their response to how it will affect our oceans.

So is the #Glittermask worth the hype? I think it's a product worth giving or receiving: it's fun to use and look at, and it wields great skincare results, too. At $69, it's a bit expensive for a stocking stuffer, but the beauty connoisseur in your life would be thrilled to receive it.

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