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Glass Nail Art

Glass Nail Art Is Still the Latest Korean Beauty Craze You Need to Try

Glass Nail Art

It's easy to feel a bit jaded when it comes to chic nail art ideas. You've seen everything from foil to glitter ombré and negative space. So we hope you share our enthusiasm over the latest festive manicure to arise from the holy land of beauty trends, Korea. The look is deemed "glass nail art," though we have also seen it referred to as "opal."

The manicure is meant to transform nails into diamonds or glass bottles (much like the beautiful ones that hold perfume). And there are many ways to interpret it — you can do it against an iridescent white or a gothic black. Some creative ladies even brought in colors like deep blue, burgundy, and rustic red. Or you can strategically position it, covering half of your digits and only the tips. Overall, it's pearly, it's sexy — and you need to try it! Keep reading to see 15 interpretations of the fad.

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