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These Glosses Give You the Thrill(er) of the Chase

Here's a new weapon for your beauty arsenal — Poppy King's pencils packing punchy hues for her Lipstick Queen collection. The Chinatown line was inspired both by the NYC neighborhood housing their offices and the Roman Polanski mystery of the same name.

Instead of a standard tube or pot, they're thick pencils ($20 each) with draw-on gloss. Choose your own fighting words — from left to right: Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Genre, and Chase — and use the included sharpener to keep things on point. Each offers a super-sheer shade (with moisturizing vitamin E, shea butter, and more) when you color within the lines. No matter what town you're in, pack this pretty ammunition in your makeup bag . . . even if the only crime you're battling is chapped, colorless lips!

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