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Glow-in-the-Dark Rainbow Hair Video

This Neon Dye Job Looks Like Normal Rainbow Hair — Until You See It Under a Black Light

Vibrant, colorful hair has been a huge trend for years now, but this rainbow hair is so bright, it glows.

Celebrity stylist Guy Tang is known for his hair masterpieces, and this electric look is especially entrancing. The creation is gorgeous in standard lighting, but when viewed under a black light, the strands are especially mesmerizing.

Should you be interested in replicating this on your own locks, know that you will definitely need to bleach your hair to provide a pale base for the shocking pink shade. Tang used Kenra Color Creative Neon Collection dye and mixed Neon Fuchsia with some clear dye to diffuse the hyperpigmented hue and ensure the color didn't bleed. By varying the ratios of color on different sections of hair, Tang gave the look dimension, creating a subtle ombré effect with softer orange-pink hues.

Watch this hypnotizing video to learn the tricks behind this stunning hair makeover, then keep reading to see shots of the vivid look from Instagram.

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