Sophie-Anne may be the vampire queen of True Blood, but Brigette A. Myre is the queen of vampire makeup. Myre's talent in makeup artistry earned her an Emmy for her work on Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, and these days she's leading the makeup team for True Blood. Before Sunday's season finale airs, read on for behind-the-scenes beauty secrets of the show.

How Sookie's signature style is changing:
"In the first season, Sookie was a virgin, so we gave her a simple, innocent look," Myre says. She uses Cover FX foundation to perfect Anna Paquin's complexion, but doesn't do much beyond mascara and light lipstick for Sookie's day-to-day look. In the second season, though, Sookie needed a sultrier style. "When she goes to Dallas, it's her first time on a plane, and she's in the big city," Myre explains. "Her makeup is more dramatic, more done-up."

For details on Tara, Jessica, and that mad maenad Maryann, keep reading.
Why Jessica always looks so smooth:
How does baby vamp Jessica get that porcelain-doll face? No magic makeup tricks here, Myre says. Actress Deborah Ann Woll is blessed with a nearly blemish-free complexion. To get it ready for the camera, Myre applies Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer while the rest of us envy Woll's perfect pores.


To look like Tara, it takes two . . .
"Like many women of color, [actress] Rutina Wesley has some hyperpigmentation," Myre says. To create the look of a perfect complexion, the makeup team uses two shades of Bobbi Brown foundation — that way, the end result is smooth, even skin tone.

Revealed: The secret of Maryann's stare
You can tell who's under Maryann's spell by the darkness of their eyes, but the maenad herself has a more glamorous secret: false lashes, and lots of them.

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Photos courtesy of HBO