This June, get excited for the latest limited-edition, travel-sized, teeth whitening kit launch from GoSmile called Summer Smile ($99). The 38-piece set includes two travel toothpastes, 20 B1 ampules, 15 touch-ups ampules (in two flavors) and a mini-toothbrush. The items come packaged in a sturdy, clear, zip-and-buckle pouch that I love because it can double as a travel bag when you use up the original products.

The whitening portion of the kit (B1 ampules) is a ten-day, twice-a-day regimen and the touch-ups are for post-whitening maintenance. The flavors are great; I especially love the peach touch-ups and the pineapple-flavored toothpaste.

I've been a fan of GoSmile for a little over a year now. I have fairly sensitive teeth, but I find that the products are mild enough for everyday use. I also feel they do a decent job at preserving a bright white color as long as you don't over-do eating too many stain-enhancing foods. I'll level with you — I've tested out many teeth whitening brands and I don't feel that any of the over-the-counter jobbies are as successful as a professional treatment, but as far as maintenance products are concerned, I think that GoSmile is high quality, gentle and effective.