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Good Hair Movie Review

Good Hair Has a Greater Point

If you've ever felt as though you'll look bad unless you straighten your hair, get highlights, go blonde, get a perm, or cover your grays, you should see Good Hair. If you care about the effects narrow normative beauty ideals have on the people around you and the larger world, you should see it. Heck, if you've ever felt like you "needed" to do anything to be attractive or accepted, you should see it.

This movie's great triumph — and great tragedy — is that it deftly picks apart our social constructions of beauty and shows us just what they look like underneath. And believe me, though it's sometimes funny, it's certainly not pretty. Chris Rock has, disarmingly, disturbingly, hilariously, and sometimes very poignantly explored the minefield of hair products and social signals that African-American women are forced to navigate. The result is a film that's brimming with life as well as contradictions. See this film, and you'll never look at a hair process (or extensions, for that matter) the same way again.

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