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Goodbye Old Friend: La Prairie Blemish Control Gel

During a stay at a Beverly Hills hotel, I decided to treat my severely broken-out skin to a facial. The spa at the hotel used La Prairie products and I was really impressed with how clean and tingly my face felt when I was finished. The facialist told me that if there was one product I should splurge on (this brand is quite pricey), it should be the La Prairie Cellular Purifying System Blemish Control Gel ($70).

I bought it and within a few days I could not believe how dramatically my face had calmed down and cleared up. From that day on, every time I've gotten a doozy of a zit, my La Prairie Blemish Gel has been my go-to product. While of course I have tried many less expensive spot treatments this one always seems to do the job for the really painful, disastrous, cystic kinds of pimples.

What makes it so awesome is that you can feel the gel stinging, almost burning your skin. It's made with such a high concentration of salicylic acid that you can only use it for a few days or it will make your skin peel. Don't make me feel like I am some sicko for enjoying this sensation—you know as well as I do that when you've got a blemish to blast, you're counting down the minutes until it's gone.

Unfortunately, six months ago, I went to replenish my stock and was told it had been discontinued. I have since been able to find more bottles on the online grey markets, but I'm definitely bugging out thinking that my supply is eventually going to get cut off. Do you have any other amazing zit creams you can recommend?

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