There truly is a lip gloss for everyone. You have your creamy glosses with a lipstick-like texture and more opaque coverage, your balmy glosses, which help to heal chapped lips, and then you have many, many other lip glosses that are just downright gooey.

The gooey glosses usually have the most shine and some of the sweetest smells, but conversely, you are also wearing a sticky substance on your lips that is likely to attract everything from hair to dust! I'd love to hear your opinions on gooey glosses and why you like or dislike them. Here are a few products that are new to the gooey-gloss market.

Kiehl's Lip Gloss ($13.50) is a sheer lip gloss made from natural extracts such as grape seed, rose hip, and mango to help condition dry lips. My favorite color is called "Icy Everest," a mauve that gives you a pale pout with a whole lotta shine! Available in eight shades.

For two more ooey, gooey lip glosses,

Lancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie Lip Gloss ($17.50) has just about the sweetest smell and flavor to it that I've ever experienced. The shimmery gloss also glides on easily since the tip is angled and allows you to spread it out evenly. Available in 21 shades.

Boots No7 Lip Glace Candy Gloss ($9.99) has a sweet sugary flavor to it. These glosses are high shine and are hypo-allergenic. Each of the six shades have cute candy names too, such as lollipop, bon bon, and cherry drop. Yummy!