I have friends who seem to be made of steel, and while they do get a good cry in every now and then, it's a rare occasion. I, however, am a little more sensitive. When the urge strikes, it's too hard for me to hold back those tears. Of course, like me, you probably don't always want to let the world know you've been weeping away. Only time will help the puffiness go away, and perhaps a dark pair of sunglasses will help, but there are a few things you can do in the meantime to reduce the swelling and redness. Check them out by reading more.

  • Have a drink: No, not that kind of drink. To help your body stay hydrated and help flush out the puffiness, drink plenty of water and avoid sodium, which will only further assist in adding to the swelling effect.
  • No sleep?: If you can, try not to fall asleep while crying or right after crying, as your eyes won't properly flush out the puffiness by morning. Instead, keep your head propped up, and rely on the classic home remedies to get you through, like cucumber or potato slices used as compresses. Wet tea bags or cold spoons will also do the trick.
  • Massage: Using your ring fingers, lightly massage your eyes to help decongest. Start at the top of each eyebrow, just above the bridge of the nose. Circle your fingers all the way around, under each eye, and all the way back to where you started. Even better? Apply an eye cream first to help hydrate and lighten up the area.
  • If you're stuck in public: If you don't have access to Visine, cucumbers, and/or spoon remedies, simply take a moistened tissue and blot under the eyes. Take a few deep breaths, dab on some concealer under the eyes and around the nose, and think of something funny to uplift your spirits.
  • Makeup tips: If you have access to makeup, wear a bright lipstick to take the focus away from your eyes. Use a creamy off-white pencil or shadow around the inner v's to bring lightness into the area. Avoid warmer-toned eye shadows that will just play up the red. Consider blue liner or mascara to help counteract the red tones instead. Check out more concealing tips here.