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The Grammys Red Carpet: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is one of those lucky ladies with sexy curves and she sure knows how to show them off. Dressed in a lovely and ladylike black Monique Lhuillier cocktail dress, she is a vision of class. How do you guys feel about this look on her?


katie_c katie_c 9 years
she looks awesome but her dress...
miss-fo miss-fo 10 years
i really have taken a dislike to her, not sure why, but yeah she has a huge moon face and looks chubby in that dress.
cupcake17 cupcake17 10 years
I really love the dress, but her hair looks a little too yellow.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
I agree she looks amazing (as damn usual!) but am not feeling the overbleached Jenny McCarthyesque hair.
nomerz nomerz 10 years
Love it! One of my favorite looks of the night!
Justinsbelle Justinsbelle 10 years
I'm not a fan of hers but her hair and makeup look good. The dress is ok.
thatsvy thatsvy 10 years
She is an inspiration to every woman with curves. I hope she doesn't get uber skinny like other girls. They(Celebrities) just don't seem to get how beautiful they look with curves and meat on their bones! x thatsvy
maplesyrup maplesyrup 10 years
absolutely gorgeous!
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
She looks so different for some reason. Still beautiful, but a little unrecognizable to me.
Tisane Tisane 10 years
What happened to her boobs? I like hair&makeup but dress is a no-no. Looks very cheap and is just unflattering.
baltimoregal baltimoregal 10 years
Great except for the earrings (just don't work with the rest of the look) and the hair- no center parts when you have roots, girl! BaltimoreGal
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 10 years
she looks amazing... not to thin either. I love her healthy look.
buggyslice buggyslice 10 years
She looks great!
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Classy dress--wouldnt expect anything less from her. Her hair, styled this way, makes her look too Barbie blond.
sashak sashak 10 years
I think she looks great! The center part does nothing for her nose, but other than that is is awesome! _________________________________ Let the feast of 1000 hams begin!
sofi sofi 10 years
There is something about the cut of that dress that is wrong. I usually love her fashion sense but this is a little awkward to me.
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 10 years
wat does she have to do with the grammys? as justin's partner? anyway, her make up could be better here. nice dress. overall, love it.
mommie mommie 10 years
She looks better in the photo then she did live.
jifaner jifaner 10 years
Yay! She toned down the boobs and lips!
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
I like the dress a lot, actually. She lost a bit of weight, and her famous chest shrunk a lot! I saw some side shots of her on another website, and she looks like a small B-cup now.
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
i think she looks really good, but i dont know if its her makeup or what but her face looks weird to me flutter-the one, the only, accept no substitutions
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
Hmm. Maybe I am seeing something different, but to me, this dress on her comes off matronly. The short sleeves are cutting her arms at an odd point, and I just don't understand the cut-outs. And the shoes aren't right on her. Maybe if it was strapless I would have liked it better? I do like her hair and make-up though, and I usually don't, so that's something.
LaLaLola LaLaLola 10 years
Lovely, but she always looks good.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Cute dress.
britter7819 britter7819 10 years
my favorite girl of the evening!! i love her, she looked great. THE BEST DRESSED and she doesnt even belong at the grammy's!
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