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Back in early December, I embarked on an experiment to see if Borba Aqua-less Crystaline would clear up my spots as it promises. The pomegranate-infused $100/month regimen promises to combat oily skin, clogged pores, and impurities. Sounds great, but the skeptic in me wanted to try it out. Every morning, I'd wake up and mix the powder into water, then drink it down. It doesn't taste bad at all; it's kind of like a less bitter SweeTart.

So does it work? Sadly, no, it does not. (I promised before-and-after photos, but honestly, considering the number of pimples on my chin after a month, I just couldn't subject you to my pizzaface. Trust me, it's better for us both.) Borba didn't make my skin worse, but it certainly didn't improve it; I didn't see the promised results. And the sucralose (brand name: Splenda) in the formula gave me headaches. No fun. While Borba does deliver nutrients that can help skin, you could get those nutrients elsewhere — or you could afford to eat a whole pomegranate each day. Unless your bank account rivals the GDP of Monaco, I'd take a pass.

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