There has been much speculation about antiperspirant being linked to breast cancer. While no scientific evidence has been found to validate such claims, it certainly has people thinking more about their choices in how to banish their B.O. Let's get down to the stink of things, shall we?

First thing's first: Deodorant is an antiseptic enhanced fragrance that kills the odorous bacteria in your sweat. Antiperspirants work to block the pores in your sweat glands so that you don't perspire; ergo, you don't emit body odor. They contain paba, aluminum compounds and parabens, which mimic estrogen (and estrogen promotes the growth of cancerous cells in the breast). These chemicals can get into your blood stream through razor nicks in your armpits.

While studies have found parabens in breast cancer samples, there is no hard evidence that using antiperspirants leads to breast cancer.

The choice is yours to make. For anyone who worries about breast cancer, it is important to get regular mammograms, eat right, exercise and control your stress level. For those of you who choose to wean yourselves off of any controversial deodorants or antiperspirants (products are often a combination of the two), here are four safe and natural alternatives to antiperspirants. Although they aren't going to keep you from sweating, they will help mask your special odor. Plus, you might be surprised to find out that even with a deodorant, you don't sweat all that often in the first place.