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Grooming Goods For a "Guy's Guy"

Grooming Goods For a "Guy's Guy"


I'd have to say many men I know would be just as happy using a bar of soap on their faces as a fancy skin wash. That being said, when you put the right products in his hand (and load on the compliments), the next thing you know, he's using the word "exfoliation" as easily as he discusses the latest sports scores.

Since I know I'm not the only one who knows one of these types, I've come up with a selection of gift ideas just for him. Nothing too "girly" with some products geared towards him and others you'd love to use, too, starting us off with this Refinery Gift Set to get him hooked on the pampering.

If baby steps are better for your man and your budget, pick a couple of these items and throw them in with other guy friendly gifts on his list and everyone's happy! And don't forget to visit HolidaySugar for all of our holiday guides while you're at it.

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