Over on PopSugar, everyone is talking about Gwen Stefani's new 'do. In the first photos released since giving birth to baby Zuma a few weeks ago, the singer/designer/perfumer extraordinaire looked put together with coordinating berry lips and nails and sleek sunglasses. But what really stole the show was her platinum, shoulder length layers. You wanted a how-to, so we obliged. You're welcome.

  • STEP ONE: Start with a layered, shoulder-length cut. If you color your hair, consider some low lights — it looks like Gwen has some honey-colored pieces on the bottom of her hair that add texture and dimension.
  • STEP TWO: Part wet hair on the left side, sweeping bangs forward (if you don't have bangs, you may want to modify this look with a bobby pin).

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  • STEP THREE: Apply mousse — try Finesse Touchables Extra Control Mousse ($3.79) — around the roots for lift. Let hair air dry or dry with a diffuser.
  • STEP FOUR: Using a wide-barreled curling iron held upright, curl hair away from the face. When you're done, spray with a medium-hold hairspray. Once it's dried, interweave curls with your fingers for a more natural, '70s look.
  • STEP FIVE: Wrap a few separate sections of the hair that lays across your forehead around the curling iron loosely, curling the ends toward your ears.
  • STEP SIX: Use a little styling wax (like Bumble and bumble's styling wax ($18.99) on your ends to give the style weight and keep curls defined.