Is Gwyneth Paltrow a ssssecret ssssupporter of Slytherin? Page Six reports that she recently made an interesting purchase at the Sonya Dakar clinic: a $185 bottle of Ultraluxe anti-aging lotion. Ultraluxe contains Syn-ake, a synthetic version of the Temple Viper's venom. The actual venom paralyzes people (sounds like fun!), so Syn-ake uses its main peptide to produce a topical Botox-like effect.

Sounds like it would make sense, but there's something about this stuff that creeps me out a little. Maybe it's my crippling fear of snakes, or maybe it's my paradoxical concern for the well-being of the wee Temple Viper. Or perhaps it's just my crippling fear of the $185 price tag. Who knows? Would you try this "snake oil" treatment?