Hair and Makeup at Alex Wang 2009 Spring Fashion Week
Alexander Wang Takes a (Cat)walk of Shame

Backstage at Alexander Wang, the designer told me his inspiration for the hair and makeup was "sweat." Well, he couldn't have picked a more humid and rainy day to show.

Just as hot-and-bothered was the beauty look. Makeup artist Dick Page described it as "the walk of shame — when you have to go into the subway station, everyone is going to work, and you're going home."

To that end, models' hair and faces were sprayed with Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray before they hit the runway. "The girls look very hot, like they've been exerting themselves," explained head hairstylist Eugene Souleiman, who used Aveda products. "It's about action, sporty, really cool-looking girls that are tough. Really cool girls don't do too much with their hair because they don't need to. Fast life, no time to do her hair!" The result? Models who looked like they got caught in the same 90-degree downpour the audience did, only infinitely more glamorous. Real cool girls indeed.

For the specifics on the hair and makeup, plus backstage photos,


Hairstylist Souleiman created a deconstructed half-ponytail. He said:
"We're wetting the front of the hair and just grabbing the hair and pulling it back; we're not even combing it. Then we're using Air Control hair spray and just twisting it. It kind of dries the hair out and makes it dull, and makes the back look quite full and very raw."

Dick Page, who used Shiseido products, outlined the makeup look. Eyelids had a glossy, coppery cream shadow over dark gray shadow (with black eyeliner, of course). "Go all the way, really kind of murky, about the eyes," he advises. "It makes the eye look very wet." On the lips, beige lipstick and a bit of berry gloss on the middle of the lower lip gives a fresh, just-been-snogged look that's very sexy — whether you're doing a walk of shame or not.

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