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Are Hair and Nail Supplements Bad For Your Skin?

I feel like it's my duty to tell you guys when there is something I don't love just as much as it is to tell you about something I do love. I have thin hair and I bite my nails, so when I saw these Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for Hair & Nails, $50, I was convinced that this was going to help me out in a big way. Lots of my pregnant girlfriends swear that vitamin supplements have significantly sped up the growth process of their hair and nails and additionally improved their strength. (I'm sure hormones played a part too.)

I began my regimen and started taking these pills for two months. My nails did grow a little faster than usual, but I also began to break out. Little bumpy red zits appeared all over my face!

I decided to call my dermatologist and she told me that I could be having a reaction to these supplements. I immediately stopped taking them and my skin cleared up some. I am not saying they don't work - or that you will break out from them, but this was just my experience.

I thought I'd open this up for discussion. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? Do you care to share any stories where you've reacted strangely to a beauty product? I'd love to know!

claudiasion claudiasion 5 years
Hello. I have used this products a few years ago but after 3 weeks of taking them I have started to break out. I got really scared and started searching the net to see if anybody else experienced this. And to my surprise I found quite a few people complaining about the same side effects from this supplements. So I stopped taking them. It took a while until my skin cleared. In those three weeks I did notice an improvement in my nails but they did nothing for my hair. I read the indications they come with and there they mention these supplements increase the sebum production. I had acne as a teenager and I know for sure excessive sebum production is the cause of it. So I won't be taking them again even though I believe Phyto products are really good (I tried a few of them). Hope this helps :).
Shanrees Shanrees 6 years
Oh my gosh these pills did exactly the opposite for me. I took them after my fourth baby at the age of 38 due to loss of hair after I had him and my hair is growing, my nails are harder, but the best result of all is my clear skin!! I break out every month, but since I've been taking the pills my skin is really clear. It's the best thing ever! I've started my 13-year-old daughter on them also hoping it will clear up her skin.
cdeily cdeily 10 years
I've been using Phytophanere supplements for about three years now and have only had excellent results. My hair is long, super healthy, and my nails never break anymore because they are hard as rocks! But everyone is different. They certainly can't hurt you, so no harm in trying them out. Someone asked about thinning hair treatments--check out MORE by Frederic Fekkai.
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 10 years
I started taking GNC "Hair and Nail" supplements a few years ago just for fun, and they are great. You can get them at any GNC or any drugstore. They are mild and I doubt they'd make you break-out.
xrockette19x xrockette19x 10 years
I don't know how odd this is (because it's pretty common i would guess), but last week, I was trying out nair for the second time (i despise shaving, i was trying to find a lazier way to do it so i could wear a skirt in the temporary warm weather!!), and i had a really bad reaction to it. my leg started burning really badly, even when I immediatly washed the product off. it hurt sooo bad, and it was bright red, so bad that i actually ended up calling the advice nurse at my school! i didn't know if i should just deal with it until it went away, or if it was actually serious. luckily, she helped me out (i had to soak washcloths in water and baking soda to remove the product, i was sitting in the most awkward position forever because i didn't want the cloths to fall off!) but i still had to wear yoga pants the rest of the day because jeans would have hurt so badly! where the reaction was worst, my skin is actually really rough and scaly now, i've been exfoliating and moisturizing hardcore, i hope it gets better soon! i usually don't have sensitive skin at all, so everyone: beware of the nair!
Leanne1078 Leanne1078 10 years
Biotin in doses of 5000mcg has been shown to increase hair growth; also silica, which is perfectly safe and won't interact with anything, is very popular, especially the brand BioSil. I like to take MSM which is sulfur for my hair and skin. It really makes a difference in my skin, so if you are having reactions to other supplements for hair, this might be the way to go. I have used these supplements Fab is talking about in the past and wasn't very impressed, especially for the price. I like to stick to all natural supplements from companies like New Chapter, Bluebonnet, Kal, Solaray...all of which are found at Whole Foods Market. They just have higher standards for what they put in their products, and they don't have the filler and junk in them like the kinds you find at GNC and WalMart.
NyingNying NyingNying 10 years
can anyone recommend anything for hair loss? i have really long hair.. and i "shed" a lot... i'm so worried about being bald. it typically happens when i stress from school.. but now i'm pretty relaxed and it's still happening.. advice?
skiacresluv skiacresluv 10 years
I was taking some for hair,skin and nails and I also broke out. I recently read to check all your vitamins for iodine because it can really make people break out, and the vitamins I was taking had iodine in them! I was mad because they are supposed to help your skin, oh well, my hair grew a lot faster, but it wasn't worth it!
CGW CGW 10 years
Suppliments or not, I try to stay away from taking any medicine unless its doctor recommended.
A-Journey-To-Wellth A-Journey-To-Wellth 10 years
I take Biotin 1000mcg vitamin supplements which you can get in any store brand like Vitamin World or something like that. It's found in foods such as oatmeal and soy and I take it to support healthy skin and nail and hair growth/strength. No side effects for me. I highly recommend:)
fioleo fioleo 10 years
I personally have never tried this product. However, I do have thin hair as well, and I use the shampoo Phytocyane - Thinning Hair Women. I've used it for almost 2 months now and I haven't had any problems with it. I lose less hair when I wash it. I've always been very skeptical on any supplements. Hence, I use the shampoo
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