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No No Hair Removal Review

The Big No!No! Update

Does No!No! hair removal work? After my initial review of No!No!, I promised an update on the new device. My little pink gadget and I have been together for a couple of months now, and so I can give you a more robust idea of how well it works. (If you need a quick intro to how No!No! works, just read the first review.)

The first thing to understand is that using No!No! ($250) requires a time commitment. No, it's not a huge one, but it's still there, and I often had a hard time fitting my zapping time into my routine. I usually spend 20 to 30 minutes using No!No! on my legs and bikini line, and you're supposed to do this two or three times a week. It sounds easy, but if you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to keep up this pace. (I found that it was easiest if I used the device while watching DVDs.)

For the full update, read more.

Because I often missed a session or two with No!No!, I've had good but inconsistent results. That's all because of me, not because of the product, but I feel like it's worth mentioning again. No!No! doesn't magically zap your hair away immediately; it takes time. I've been using No!No! more consistently over the past few weeks, and I can say that I already see a big improvement.

Before, I'd mentioned that the smell of burning hair was a turnoff. The more you use No!No!, the better it gets, because you're dealing with small bits of stubble. So that's not so bad. And again, the actual procedure is genuinely painless. Occasionally, along the bikini line, I can feel the heat, but it doesn't burn.

So does it get rid of hair? Yep, it does. I have significantly less growth on my legs, and while the skin isn't completely hairless, it's a considerable improvement. Plus, because I have less hair, I don't have to shave very often. Now, if you want 100% hairless skin, you'll probably either have to use the device forevuh or consider waxing or laser hair removal. But if, like me, you just want to deal with less hair overall, and to shave less often, it works well. For this reason, I think No!No! would be a fantastic find for women who feel their arms are more hirsute than they'd like.

The bigger issue, of course, is the price. I received a test unit to review here, but No!No! retails for $250. Not chump change! Whether it's worth buying depends on your needs. I think No!No! is worth purchasing if:

  • It fits within your budget.
  • You're willing to spend an hour to 90 minutes each week, for four to six weeks, to get results.
  • You want to minimize body hair, to get professional-level results, and can deal with the occasional stray hair that comes back.

whitetornado whitetornado 3 years

Save yourself a nasty headache

We had a very unfortunate experience with this product and the company. We purchased this product and it was put to use for weeks by my wife to no results, I left many emails to the company to find out they do not answer them, although this is from a contact page on their web site, I then contacted support, it was told I could not ask for refund right away as I had to continue trying the product for the major part of the trial period. When we remembered that we needed to call back it was too late and we were gladly told that we exceeded the warranty period. I find this a nasty marketing trick to escape refunding, and anyone not lucky that falls in that trap winds up loosing a sad 350$. We are not wihing that to anyone.

Lindy15202612 Lindy15202612 3 years
Linda14867105 Linda14867105 4 years
I don't like how it hurts and burns the skin, so far the best hair removal I've found is the natural methods contained in the guide
sweetpuppylove12 sweetpuppylove12 5 years
okay ladies, i've had unwanted facial hair and course body hair since puberty, i have fair skin and it doesn't look good and its not fun at all. I've used Vaniqa in my early twenties and it slowed the hair growth, it didn't remove hair its just helps to slow down the growth of the hair. you have to use it everyday and for months on end you can't stop until you see less or no hair growth and that would take make a year or more and its very pricey, around 50-80 at tube that lasts about a month, couldn't afford it. Now i've been using Silk'n Bella its a at home laser hair removal system for under arms, bikini, legs, and facial hair (under cheek bones not near the eyes). i've been using it for over a year now and its helped with my facial hair and other parts of my body, you have to be consistent with. using it every two weeks and after 5 or so treatments you use it ones a month. i've been lazy so i dont get as good of a result as i know i could but my facial hair is much less and i'm grateful for that, bets going to a pro and spending thousands and i've done that but it didn't work you have to keep at it. the system pays for its self over time, i got mine for $320 on special at, they have great return policy, and the Silk'n CS is also great, if something is wrong with the unit you can always return it to costco or to the manufacture, it has a one year warranty. now at its about $399, its a better deal plus you get three cartridges,  its the newer model than the one from which i dont think you can use on your face. the cartridge run about $90 for two and each cartridge is has 750 pulses,  my last forever but thats me. buy it from costco if you have the membership card, if you dont like it you can always return it. i am not affiliated with costco or i just look for good deals and want to share it with everyone. hope this helps. have a great hair free day.
umanbean umanbean 5 years
I can give no encouragement to anyone who bought this...except to encourage you to RETURN IT!     They say it takes 6 months to see results but no 6 month trial, you notice.   I think the cream that comes with it works and if you also rub your skin with the "sandpaper" buffer thingie I imagine your hair will disappear, just like it does on your legs if you wear jeans every day.....the machine was a joke though.  Wish I had read reviews prior to buying.   WHERE DO I GET A DEAL GETTING FREE STUFF AND LYING ABOUT IT?   (kidding, I am too blunt to write a review like the one above"   OH, I thought of one or two encouraging things:  it might work better on flat parts rather than the face.  The younger you are the better, for easy rolling without screeching to a stop each wrinkle it detects.    Mine broke, they will fix it free, but I do not think it is even worth the price of postage.  Guess what works?  Shaving!  and plucking!  as long as you have nice fine hairs on the shaving.....for your face that is...there are no nubs, I only have to shave about every four days.  I don't shave my stache, as it might come back with is thicker.  The light blonde hair gets shaved off though. cheap and easy.
emryz116 emryz116 5 years
Unfortunately, I ordered this product BEFORE reading the reviews on it. I've read nothing but negativity. This worries me that I may have just wasted a pretty good bit of money. If there is ANYONE who has bought this product and had it actually work, that would be a great relief.
hoptoit hoptoit 5 years
Can someone help me, my daughter is 12 years old and autistic. I need to shave in between her eye brows. Does nono have a thin enough blade to clean up between the eyebrows? Would no no work? Or does anyone know what I can do that will work. As long as my daughter can not feel it and it is not painful.
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
@forever, thanks for the comment. Do note that this is actually not a laser hair removal device. Tria is an at-home laser device, though. @audrey, it does take a long time to cover the legs. How long have you been using it in general?
Thanks so much for the review. There's so many at-home laser hair removal kits out there, it's hard to decide which one to go with. This one at least looks small enough to throw in a travel bag or something. May consider the investment!
audrey427 audrey427 6 years
I have used the no no 3 times now. I do find less hair growing back, however, I’m concerned with the amount of time I have to spend, and the quality of the results. It takes me about 2 hours using it on full strength to do my legs top to bottom, and I’d say I get only about 70-80% of the hair removed. There are areas that the hair seems more stubborn, and won’t fully disappear. As well, although I definitely do buff as I go, it never comes fully smooth, and within 24 hours it’s quite prickly already. The other big problem is, my skin is getting very irritated; I have dry red patches that are really itchy. I’m sure it’s a low grade burn from the no no. Is this experience normal? Is it going to get better? Or does it sound like this product is just not for me?
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
I definitely wouldn't use it on the face. I'm realllllly cautious about anything that goes near my face, and something with lights and heat = I'm leaving it to the professionals. NotHappy, that stinks. I'm sorry that you've had such troubles.
NotHappy NotHappy 6 years
There customer service is terrible. I've had mine 90 days and it has broken twice. I have to pay for shipping back to them. It's ridiculous. They sell me a faulty item and I have to pay to get it back to them. That isn't fair and it isn't good CS. This thing has to be used with consistency and I haven't been able to be consistent with it at their fault and to add insult to injury I had to pay to return it. I REGRET BUYING THIS ITEM. $269 for an item I can't use as directed and can't get my money back. Don't buy it!
elsarose elsarose 6 years
On tv, it shows the demonstrators using this product on the face. I have been using it on my face for about one week. It doesn't even remove the hair, so I still have to tweeze or shave. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't permanent as they say it will be---I just want to remove my facial hair, even if I have to do it very often. But this thing doesn't even do that.
umanbean umanbean 6 years
FOR ALL YOU GIRLS WHO NEED FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL: VANIQA, is a cream medication which is pricey at 70 bucks a tube, prescription required. I cannot swear it works as I can't afford it anymore---but I would go there first. The NO NO is JUNK JUNK. and a FRAUD FRAUD. IS ANYONE ELSE INTERESTED IN SUING THIS COMPANY? Let's get together and get our money back...if you were dumb like me and kept it long enough to see if it worked, which is more than 60 days according to even the company! Can you believe they got an award from some outfit called the "consumer survey product innovation" or some such. We should write to them for certain, and the Better Business Bureau, and plaster our reviews all over the internet.
erc erc 6 years
I got the no no as a gift and even though they say you can use it on your face, don't. I used it on the lowest setting on my chin... and i was severely burnt.. will be sending them a picture. I used it on my legs and only 1/3 of the hair was removed. I cannot recommend this product to anyone.
cinderella77 cinderella77 6 years
Hi ladies! I am happy to report that No! No! is safe and effective on facial hair! I have had professional laser hair removal and there is REALLY no difference! Just start at level 1 and stay away from your eyes, lips and mucus membranes. Good luck!
irisbloom2011 irisbloom2011 6 years
I read some reviews on the Capislow lotion. It seems Noxema puts out a lotion with Capislow. In those reviews the writer says it worked for them. The Capislow made the hair grow back more slowly and lighter. Is there anyone out there who can say Capislow worked for them? I'm almost convinced that it's the lotion that brings on change instead of the No No hair removal system. It would be nice to hear from someone who has used the product for more then a year.
irisbloom2011 irisbloom2011 6 years
I've been using this No No for 8 weeks now. I've used it twice a week or more. I have followed the instructions. I use the NO No , then buff followed by applying the lotion they provide. The lotion is suppose to reduce hair regrowth. I have not noticed having less hair yet. After reading the reviews here, I haven't seen anything on the lotion. Does the lotion really reduce hair regrowth? I will not recommend this to anyone till I see real results.
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