Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Why, with snippets of hair from the salon, of course. Yep, it's no lie. In fact, I remember my grandma tossing clippings from my aunt's salon on her soil and hairstylist friends telling me about the ladies who would come to pick up their bags of "gardening hair."

While this concept isn't really all that new to the gardening community, a recent study analyzed the effectiveness of human hair compared to commercial fertilizers as a nutrient source for plants. I won't get into the details, but here's the article if you want the to the lowdown.

Why hair? It's got a uniquely structured nitrogen content that plants love. I can't help but wonder. . . does that mean hair color or traces of drugs like pot or the pill could seep into the rhubarb that will eventually end up in one of grandma's pies? Regardless, the next time you're getting a trim, think about how you might be contributing to the circle of life. Talk about being truly organic.