Healthy Halle Berry was spotted leaving Whole Foods in Toronto yesterday, and I love this hairstyle on her. Lately, she's been wearing her hair long and straight, but these tight curls are a gorgeous change. My guess is that they're extensions, since she's known to wear them and it's a drastic difference from the length she sported just a few weeks ago.

If you don't have Halle's stylist on speed-dial, but you are blessed with beautifully natural curls, you can mimic her look by using a moisturizing leave-in conditioner such as Carol's Daughter Hair Milk ($12). Comb it through damp hair, and the nut oils and shea butter will keep curls frizz-free and shiny. (As for finding a handsome model beau and having an adorable baby girl like Halle, though, I can't help you.)

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