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Halloween How-To: Simply Irresistible

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Fab is so obsessed with the dancers in Robert Palmer's classic video Simply Irresistible that she asked me to share how to get the hair and makeup look. You don't have to ask me twice, Fab. Here's how to do it up if you're thinking of swaying with a guitar this Halloween.

Fortunately, the hair is ridiculously easy to recreate. If you have straight hair, you're set; if you have wavy or curly hair, use a heated styling iron to make it pin-straight. Pull your hair back into a low, tight bun that rests at the nape of the neck. Then, work a glossing cream such as Citre Shine Shine Miracle Glossing Pomade ($4.49) into your hands; then smooth the hair down. The idea is to make it slick and shiny, so don't worry about going overboard. See, easy!

For instructions on getting the makeup look,

The hair is simple, but the face makeup is a little more involved. First, start by applying a medium-weight foundation to your face. Don't skimp on this step! The look is a flawless, matte finish—so don't freak if it's a little heavier than what you'd normally wear. (It is Halloween, after all.)

The eye is smoky, with shimmery eye shadows in three brown tones. I recommend using a champagne color, a deep brown color, and one in between. Start by applying concealer or shadow on your eyelids and underneath the browbone; this will provide a base for the color. Then, use a medium-sized shadow brush to apply the "medium" brown color to lids. Next, use a smaller shadow brush to gently press the darkest shadow into the outer and inner corners. Moving on to the champagne color, softly press the shadow from the crest of the eyelid down. Softly buff the lighter colors into the darker ones until they've blended. (You should be moving down and out toward the corners of the eyes.) Finish by lining top and bottom lids with a black eyeliner.

Then you'll need to create purposely bold brows. If you're going for perfection, invest in a brow kit with a small brush and different shades (see my pick below). If it's just for funsies, you can cheat by buying a Wet 'N' Wild pencil and filling in the brows.

Since this is an '80s look, use a plum blush to contour cheeks. If you were a child of the '80s, you'll know what I mean. Instead of applying blush just to the apples of cheeks, you'll want to create a "triangle" by sweeping it back toward your ears. Dust a tiny bit on your temples, too.

You're almost done! Outline lips with a red lip liner. Then, using a lip brush, fill lips in with a red lipstick. Use a clear lip gloss (I recommend MAC Lipglass) to cover the color. You're all set!

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