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Halloween Makeup Tutorials by MadeYewLook

19 Halloween Makeup Tutorials You Have to See to Believe

Halloween Makeup Tutorials by MadeYewLook

Lex from MadeYewLook has 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, and for good reason. The woman is the patron saint of Halloween! As a huge Halloween fan and makeup fiend myself, I am constantly in awe and oftentimes straight-up flabbergasted by her work. She's inspired me to try out different looks on myself, and I even curated my own special-effect makeup kit because of her tutorials.

Lex shoots tutorials all year long, but Halloween is extra special — and when she gets especially terrifying. Her transformations make it hard to believe one person is responsible for all these different looks!

Take a look at some of her recent work, along with her other unbelievable creations.

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