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Harajuku Lover Perfume

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Inspired by the electric street scene of the Harajuku shopping district in Tokyo, the Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection is a set of five perfumes that capture the lyrics and iconography of Gwen Stefani’s albums. They appeal to anyone who appreciates a “fatal attraction to cuteness.”

The five fragrances are named Love, Lil' Angel, G, Music, and Baby. Each has its own distinct scent and accordingly its own special personality. Want to know which one is best for you? Find out by taking the quiz below to discover which Harajuku Lover you are most like.

blinkypink blinkypink 8 years
I was Baby You're girlie and sweet! You're most like Baby! Enticing in her frilly innocence, one bat of her eyelashes and she has all the boys in the palm of her hands. Pretty in pink, she steps out in a short baby doll dress and sweet Mary Janes. She may be the youngest of the bunch, but her humorous nature keeps the others on their toes! Baby is fresh, clean, and soft — just like you! Sounds like me :)
Britney-Kayla Britney-Kayla 8 years
I got music! How crazy when I was in store that was the one that I liked. Hopefully I get it for Christmas :)
la-dee-da-dee la-dee-da-dee 8 years
Your results G You're the leader of the pack! You're most like G! Never one to get lost in a crowd, G leads her crew in a white corseted top and blue miniskirt a la Alice in Wonderland. Quirky, unique, and undeniably cool, she steps to the front of the bunch in sky-high black pumps and fishnets, making this a style all her own. G is tropical, sunny, and delicious — just like you!
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