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We all know breaking up is hard to do; whether it is with your significant other or your kitty litter, someone is bound to get hurt. Well, the same goes for our two favorite litter box clumps, Clumpy and Crumbly.

Check out their tragic breakup in the video below, and don't forget to take our poll to be entered to win one of three fabulous gift baskets fit for your pampered pal!

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aliadam aliadam 6 years
I guess I'm more of a "dumper" although I usually do it somewhat passive aggressively by being "unavailable' or acting disinterested in general. I'm not good with confrontation.
ShellieD ShellieD 6 years
I've bennmarried for 20 years and have 9 cats so I'd love to win this. As for the dumping part, yeah, I had way too much fun in to 80's until I met mu husband. I broke a lot of hearts.
Twipey Twipey 6 years
my kitties need some litter
amt838 amt838 6 years
The worst one was actually having to send the dreaded letter.My mother really liked the guy but I was done .College was over and I had moved to the city.She kept inviting him down. "I have reassessed my values and goals and they do not include you!"Harsh very harsh.I've been married 30 years now.
sharonjo sharonjo 6 years
Great giveaway! I feel it is not good to lead someone on when there is no future for the 2 of you together. Always be kind! Fingers crossed! Thanks!
southerngirl2k southerngirl2k 6 years
Breakups are hard... you get use to the person and their behaviors...the grass looks greener on the otherside...but seriously the dating world sucks!...Bunch of people pretending and sometimes you are worse off than you were before....I was the dumpee and then I had to be out there again! Wow it was a mess of a world! LOL
freakdujour freakdujour 6 years
foontou foontou 6 years
Sometimes breaking up is awfully gut wrenching, and sometimes it can be a relief. I have finally learned to judge someone's true feelings by their actions, and NOT their words.Works for me!
lyonsksl lyonsksl 6 years
Yes, there are a lot of single women out here and many of us know we are better of without a man in the house. What is a man really good for anyway? Sex?? Companionship? Someone to do things with?
cojay10 cojay10 6 years
I have always been the"dumper", they were all stepping stones to the wonderful man I married 7 years ago. It's the boys of the past that brought me to the man in my present and future.
dove1960 dove1960 6 years
Both ways really
boobles2 boobles2 6 years
Man who likes to talk about being dumped
marc123 marc123 6 years
life sucks
clynsg clynsg 6 years
Yes, but the reasons are way too personal to post for public consumption.
delimama66 delimama66 6 years
I've dumped a few, lets leave it at that
CoMMember13631160129055 CoMMember13631160129055 6 years
I'm twice divorced so I think that answers that
chequettex chequettex 6 years
In my adult (15+) life I've always been the dumpee, but when I was in grammar school and junior high I dumped every boy I "went out" with. Usually I would just stop talking to them - that seemed to work pretty well until the 9th grade. I finally had to tell this boy in no uncertain terms that I didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore because he kept trying to kiss me. :P
JaydeeD JaydeeD 6 years
Can't even get a date! Been single since 2000, 11 years no love, and I am only 47 now! Any single women out there?
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