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An acquaintance of mine — who has the most amazing, glowing complexion — swore by the Master Cleanse "diet" as a means of clarifying her hair, skin, and mental state. The detoxifying program relies on gulping down a lemonade-like drink several times a day to help flush out impurities in the body. Uh, yuck.

Of course, there are other cleansing programs that involve pills, unconventional concoctions, and/or holistic approaches, such as the Super Cleanse: Detox Your Body For Long-Lasting Health and Beauty ($12). Even Gwyneth Paltrow has chimed in on the topic. (She loves it.) While some may see results, the safety of these miracle plans has come into question. What about you? Have you ever done a cleanse, or do you think good healthy living is quite enough?

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Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Jabbadoo what did you eat? How much of an inconvenience was it to do that for 6 weeks?
AmandaG AmandaG 7 years
ooops *bunch*
AmandaG AmandaG 7 years
I did a cleanse last summer, I'm with acemonkey on this one! I lost a bung of weight fast, but I only lasted six days and then I started to feel really awful. Plus after about 3 weeks I gained back most of the weight, even though I was following a diet after the cleanse. If I would have just continued following my diet I would have ended up in the same place at the end of 4 weeks, not worth the suffering. I try to do a beauty detox once a year and I didn't notice much change in my complexion, but I have been blessed with very healthy skin, but I did notice positive results. I shed a few pounds and felt great. I try to follow most of the detox rules on a regular basis but I love cheese and pasta!
acemonkey acemonkey 7 years
I did the master cleanse once and it was a BIG MISTAKE! At first it was great because you would lose a pound a day, but after a week of doing it I was lethargic and cranky and I almost passed out at work. My boss made me stop what I was doing and go and get something from McDonalds. I felt better after that. Plus, the bathroom situation is let me say, interesting. It's not worth it. If you need to lose weight, don't do this. You'll kill yourself.
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 7 years
Nah, I don't believe in cleanses, your body takes care of that itself. I do however believe in detoxing. I eliminated sugar, alcohol, wheat/gluten, caffiene, eggs & dairy for 6 weeks and I have never felt better and my skin looks amazing... like people stop in the grocery store amazing and I'm 42 with roseacea. I added eggs, and a small bit of dairy back in with no issues. Sugar is so bad for your body and skin, and if you can eat whole, real foods (with loads of salmon, avocados & walnuts & whole grains (at least for me)) You skin looks fantastic. I went crazy for about a week and ate a bunch of crap, sugar and processed stuff,and I could feel and see it.
mek123 mek123 7 years
I agree with Laura220, if you have had cleanse for a colonoscopy you won't want to do it otherwise. And according to my doctor, your body "cleanses" itself.
risqueredhead risqueredhead 7 years
I don't buy that cleanses do all this amazing stuff. Not for a second.
Merlin713 Merlin713 7 years
This stuff still makes me mad.. If you've ever had to do any prep for a colonoscopy or anything'd forget doing this for 'fun'.
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