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Let’s be honest, there are only two ways to look at this: either you have had it happen or you have fretted about it happening . . . all because your bra wasn’t the right fit.

Thanks to Macy’s and its dedicated team of fit specialists, you won’t have to worry about this ever again!

Take a moment to visit the Macy’s Fit Matters site and check out its Bra-Solutions Videos and intimate, real-world revelations from the Bra “OOPS” Files.



But before you go, tell us:

Munkeyhed Munkeyhed 7 years
I wore a brand new bra (that I thought fit well) to an interview, and about 1/2 way through, looked down to see what looked like 2 horns trying to poke though the middle of my chest. The underwires were jutting forward! I pulled my jacket closed as discretely as possible & hoped no one noticed. The bra was trashed as soon as I got home. :(
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