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Have You Ever Had Cap Highlights?

A few weeks ago, I bought one of those highlighting kits from the beauty supply store to give myself a few subtle highlights. Besides the standard mixing bowl, application brush, and product, the kit also came with a "crochet" hook and frosting cap, similar to this Color Trak Tools Xtreme Highlighting Chunking Cap ($3). I've had these frosty cap highlights before from the salon with decent results, but I don't know if I'd attempt to make it a DIY project at home. Tell me: Whether professionally or at home, have you ever had highlights from the cap? If you did, were the results OK or were they completely disastrous?

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dark-chocola dark-chocola 7 years
well..i bought at home highlights kit, but it is not a cap it is a large hat with many holes, so i'll try it and hope it will look great
napqueen87 napqueen87 7 years
I had cap highlights, however I only did it twice. After a while it's harder to control where the highlights are going and it doesn't turn out as nice as foils.
kalibrooke kalibrooke 7 years
i've been using the cap on and off for years, and there are definitely some things i've learned along the way: 1) the main one is that you HAVE to go beyond the grid of predetermined holes in the cap--generally double the amount. 2) pulling the cap as tight as you can manage is also key, along with making sure you pull hair from as close to the hole as possible so you can cut down on having big roots. 3) never pull as much hair through the holes as the picture above unless you actually want circa 1997-style stripes on your head. (see #1: go for quantity of holes, not quantity of hair clumps) 4) the formula should not be runny... the one time i tried to get away with a liquidy solution, i ended up with leopard-spotted highlights on my head because it seeped through. 5) it's only worthwhile to spend this much time on your hair if you turn it into a highlighting party with some good friends and some cocktails, ha ha...
robynhannah robynhannah 7 years
I was 21. My boyfriend and I just broke up and naturally, I decided to cut my hair. ...Or get a tattoo. ...Or pierce something. Or all 3. It was midnight. I called my best friend in tears to tell her how I was going to find a tattoo place and might also get something pierced while I was there. And then I was coming home to cut bangs. She talked me down to a drugstore cap highlights kit. Purchased at 1am and applied immediately upon returning home. I yanked out little pieces the best I could and applied the Playboy Bunny platinum paste to my naturally honey colored Medusa strands. I panicked as it started turning orange, decided I better take it out soon than instructed. Disaster. I went to the salon first thing in the morning with a ball cap covering my calico cat-like mop. Had to go DARK brown to fix it. NEVER AGAIN.
KristaMK KristaMK 7 years
I got cap highlights at a salon once when I was in college and of course, cash-strapped. It turned out okay...but it hurt and didn't feel it was as natural looking.
Allytta Allytta 7 years
i don't highlight my hair. but i do colour it. i don't get one chunk of colour anyway, it's naturally highlighted and downlighted
inmybubble inmybubble 7 years
The results have been fine when I've used a cap at home, but it takes FOREVER and it can definitely be painful. It's cheaper, but I'm not sure the extra time and pain is worth it.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
DO NOT do chunky highlights from a cap! How horrible My mom did my hair through a cap when I was little- and it looked great. keep in mind I'm a boy so it's a lot easier
suzpuz suzpuz 7 years
I work in a high end salon, and cap highlighting is kind of looked down on as an older technique to hair highlighting. Most of the stylists I work with don't even do them. Foil highlights all the way!
elsita elsita 7 years
I did it once, and even when the results were good, it was painful!!! So, Im not willing to do that again...
weffie weffie 7 years
ah, so that's how they achieve that unnatural, stripey look!
Dana18 Dana18 7 years
The first and only time I had highlight they used a cap . My hair was short at the time and the highlight s cap out great.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I always think of the cap method for older ladies who like that "frosted" look. I have had the cap done before and it can be done well by the salon but they only ever use it on me when I had really short, almost pixie length hair. My mom does the DIY cap method at home and it looks okay on her but again she has the older lady "frosted" look. I prefer foils. I think caps are better for ladies with really short hair that isn't long enough for foils or for men. I once gave a classmate in college highlights because he wanted a silly surfer look for a halloween costume and I used the cap and it was easy since his hair was shorter to begin with.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
sorry, highlights from the cap look totally cheap and home-done and ridiculous
steen steen 7 years
The first time I ever got highlights, I went with the cap and it sucked. It HURT and the results were uneven and shoddy. I stick with foils if/when I get highlights done.
bchicgrl bchicgrl 7 years
I've always gotten foils, I've heard horror stories using the caps and is the main reason why I won't highlight my hair at home ever even though it's cheaper.
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