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Have You Ever Had a Student Haircut or Color?

Want to save at least half on your next haircut or hair color? Just book an appointment with a student, and you'll pay about a quarter of the regular price.

And don't worry, you're in well-trained hands. "Students tend to be very critical of their work, providing nothing less than perfection because they are working for a grade," explains Barry Brian, the artistic director of Empire Beauty Schools. "Students are also supervised by a licensed educator, so the client will always be comfortable knowing that the student has the support and guidance, if needed." Have you ever participated in a training program?

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otay otay 8 years
I did, it was awesome, it was a buttload cheaper and it looked pretty nice :D
Rambova Rambova 8 years
Yes, I had several haircuts at Artistic Beauty College. But it was my sister who was the student. I know where she lives so she did very good work :)
beautyMaven beautyMaven 8 years
i have had a few haircuts at Empire beauty school. the students were careful and a teacher was there to check the cut i got. I even got my hair blown out. the cut and blow out only cost $8. I will definitely go back!
chow chow 8 years
ive done it a couple times. im not too particular about my hair so it's not a big deal even if they mess up, which hasnt happened (yet). ive done both cut and color. both take a little longer than usual, but i'll take it for the price.
minka minka 8 years
i went to a student eleven years ago, and she's still my regular hairdresser. she was great from the first time. the few times i've been to someone else, my hair has sucked. since i've brought her so many clients over the years she gives me a special price too. so it could have gone badly, but i got very lucky. its worth the risk sometimes.
stylistashley stylistashley 8 years
Think about it like this, every stylist has to start somewhere. If nobody went to schools, then when a stylist gets his or her license they will have hardly any experience, making them no better in the salon than what they were in school. The trick is to go to a school with a great reputation. I went to a Paul Mitchell school, the teachers meet with you before, during and after the service, and before you leave the chair the teacher has to sign off on your ticket (which means that the student did as they were instructed and that you were satisfied). Occasionally people did come back unhappy and every time it was remedied.
rachi99 rachi99 8 years
My salon has an in-house education program, so I did have a student do highlights once, under the direct supervision of my regular stylist. It was fine, but to be honest, nothing special. I'd do it again if my stylist personally recommended the student.
cupcake_ cupcake_ 8 years
No, never..but that's not to say that I wouldn't in the future.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
No. I had a student do my nails and she screwed up my cuticles so I'm not eager to have my hair done.
verily verily 8 years
My current highlights were done by a student and I think they look great. She had a supervisor continually checking up on her, so if the student screwed up, I'm sure they'd be ready to fix it for me. I haven't had my hair cut there, but I might try them next time. I pretty much get the same bob cut every time at my current salon. Kinda hard to destroy...
natalie12 natalie12 8 years
I just had my hair cut at an Aveda Institute for the first time last week. I don't have a really fancy cut -- straight across the bottom with angling in the front. She did a fantastic job, I felt like I was in good hands the whole way and it was only $16 with the blow dry! I had a friend get highlights there and they turned out very well.
sonya-ina sonya-ina 8 years
No, I don't trust anyone with my hair, even the stylist that I "trust" haha. I have a mini breakdown every time I get it cut, mainly because no one knows how to style it the way I like it, so I end up thinking it looks horrible until I wash and style it myself.
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
No , but I have thought about it because it is free.
pss pss 8 years
yes, but just once, it was a friend and it was the last time, she did it good but it wasnt what I wanted....
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
Yes. They're more careful when cutting hair than other places.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 8 years
Yes, I actually liked it, too.
StefaPie StefaPie 8 years
There's a beauty school by my work that does $5 haircuts. I've been a few times, and I love it. I get the best haircuts there somehow. And even with a 100% tip, it's still only $10!
EkaterinaBallerina EkaterinaBallerina 8 years
When I lived in London a few of my roommates went to student haircuts and the results were horrible. One roommate, who had never seemed to really care about her appearance, spent an entire day in the kitchen crying about how bad her hair looked. Trust me, the lack of price shouldn't be anything to go on. They can destroy your hair.
MsSwank MsSwank 8 years
I have been a regular customer at the Aveda Institute for more than 2 years now. I love the quality of the products. The downside to schools is that you never get the same stylist twice. You won't build a rapport with your stylist, but the instructors are there long term, so you get to know them as they aid the students in creating the look you've requested. If you are thinking of going to a student, be sure to take photos with detail of the cut/color you would like. The student may take a little longer to figure out how to do the cut/color and usually needs to ask for guidance from the instructors. Although the students are green, the instructors are veteran stylists and can take over if needed to make sure the clients get a great look. Aside from the students needing more time than a seasoned stylist, I've never had a bad experience there. In fact, I get plenty of compliments on my cut and color regularly. I love being able to afford Aveda services - normally a cut and color at an Aveda salon would run more than $200; at the Institute it costs $50. In addition, Aveda has very natural products and my hair is in great condition. They include a free mini facial when they wash your hair in this "blue room". The blue room has a domed dark blue ceiling with twinkly lights that look like stars and there is relaxing music playing quietly. After the mini facial they give you a makeup retouch for free as well. They also give you a free in chair hand & arm massage. I walk away from my appointments feeling refreshed and beautiful!
blondambition02 blondambition02 8 years
I had the worst experience ever! DON'T GO TO A STUDENT! Unless you really don't care how your hair looks. The cut wasn't bad (certainly wasn't great). The color, on the other hand (simple highlights), was HORRIFIC. I seriously had to change my part to cover up this big splotch of color. It was terrible. I learned it's worth paying full price.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Nope and I doubt I would ever let one.
misslilad misslilad 8 years
i haven't yet, but i have been thinking about it for color. my friend went and she came away with some nice highlights
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 8 years
I used to get student haircuts when my hair was long and fairly shapeless and I only needed basic trimming.
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