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It is estimated that one in 11 Americans are shoplifters, and cosmetics counters with their testers and small items are an easy target for those searching for the five-finger discount. (Maybe even Winona Ryder.) So tell me: Have you ever stolen a beauty product? And if you have the guts, reveal what it was in the comments (come on, the statute of limitations has probably passed).


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biarose biarose 7 years
My friend did when we were 13. It was this really expensive (well to us anyway) Estee Lauder one.
Cider-Morten Cider-Morten 8 years
untitled1 untitled1 8 years
I've never stolen anything, but once my mom bought me a purse and after the cashier took all that paper they put in it out instead of ringing it up she accidentally put it straight into the bag and we didn't realize it until we got home and looked at the receipt.
plasticine1 plasticine1 8 years
eyeliners, mascaras, blushes, eyeshadows...whatever you please!
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
No! I stole some chewing gum with my cousin when I was 10! Not that it is something to be proud of...
sudenmorsian sudenmorsian 8 years
Actually part of my job should be looking after the cosmetics counter and reporting if I see someone stealing. It always gets me so pissed off! Don't go that low, seriously. (As of myself, I would much rather be a stripper -even a call girl- than steal at a store.) And it doesn't help if the item is of small value (or you want it so bad or all your friends steal). Stealing equals stealing.
chatnoir chatnoir 8 years
When I was a kid, my folks would say things like "I hope Jesus doesn't come back and catch you in a movie theater." Or "I hope Jesus didn't see you doing that" Stealing would be like fast tracking to H-E- double Hockey sticks. It's a wonder I can even leave the house.
TennisStar TennisStar 8 years
never stolen anything. although, one of my friends and I were giving makeovers and she accidenatlly put one of her lipsticks in my makeup bag. she has about 20, so i dont think she noticed. i never have gotten around to returning it.... :(
eshellmoyer eshellmoyer 8 years
Yes! Sephora testers absolutely do count! What do you think those come from a magical tester fairy? They are real product that gets scanned out of the system. Sephora has so much theft, it's ridiculous.
pootie pootie 8 years
I don't think I have ever stolen makeup - even getting songs from limewire made me feel guilty. Once I opened a surprise bag in claires with a friend because 'I don't like surprises' - I didn't nick anything but the manager made us give it back and leave. :o But I do know friends who have stolen lipgloss and testers from claires and boots and took sweets from the pick and mix. I still hang out with them sometimes but I never go shopping with one.
omilawd omilawd 8 years
When I was younger, I used to steal something just about every time I went into a store. Once I hit 18, I stopped. To reinforce my idea of stopping, a few weeks later, I went shopping with a friend, and she ended up stealing some hair clips from Claire's. We were taken into the back room where we BOTH had to empty our purses, and I was told I could leave since I hadn't taken anything (thank God). I saw her being escorted out of the store by the police, and since then, I've never even considered stealing anything again, and neither has she.
baciobisou baciobisou 8 years
I stole a rock once. Bahaha. You know... like a shiny little pebble. I thought it was pretty...
ChristinaMUFE ChristinaMUFE 8 years
No way! I've always wanted my own makeup line so I knew I would never want anyone to steal from me! The closest I've ever to stealing anything was when I was in second grade. My mom and I were at the store and I was holding some New Kids On The Block candy. I guess the clerk thought I was going to take it so he said something to my mom and I started crying. I was just tugging on my mom's sleeve trying to get her to buy it for me. Geez.
veggiegolucky veggiegolucky 8 years
I've thought about it, but I'm the type of person who would try, and then get caught, and then probably cry or something. when i was in lower school i stole some toy though, lol, and then afterwords i was convinced that i was going to get arrested so i was always paranoid about that haha
princess325 princess325 8 years
Never done it, but I've been tempted once or twice. I feel guilty just saying that, I could never shoplift.
terryt18 terryt18 8 years
Well, Superjules, we both know there are many more petty shoplifters out there. Prolly some of them are still thieving today. I read once that most shoplifting occurs in tandem with making purchases. People buy and steal at the same time.
niche niche 8 years
No. But they thought I was shoplifting at Sephora once. It was a mortifying experience. They were following me around talking on those stupid headsets about me and the cashier went through the bag of sunscreen samples that I bought.
superjules superjules 8 years
Yes when I was in Jr. High/High School my friends and I stole make-up, jewelry, clothes, pretty much anything that wasn't nailed down. Out of all of them I was the only one who never got caught. I stopped before I turned 18 because I'm not a fool. I'm so happy for all of you "honest" people who were raised "right". Look what happens to kids who were left to their own devices and raised by wolves. I guarantee I'm more honest than the lot of you.
xojennifer xojennifer 8 years
I have stolen makeup a few times, but barely. What me and my friends would steal the most was cheap jewelry, like at claires or ardenes. And of course, the occasionnal chocolate bars and whatnot. Of course we dont steal anymore, we know better now. I had friends in grade 8 that got caught stealing 39$ worth of stuff at the dollar store haha, thats something i'll never forget. First, no one gets caught stealing at the dollar store. Second, its hard to find 39$ worth of stuff you actually want or need at the dollar store, so obviously they just grabbed random things off the racks.
junkotokiio junkotokiio 8 years
I have to admit I have twice... when I was way younger in Sephora I stole a Pure Poison perfume and eyeliner.. I was 13 one of those things you do with your mates when your skippin class!
qtpie qtpie 8 years
When I was 7 I stole some of those free gifts you get on the front of magazines in a supermarket... lol. But I got caught, and it was so embarrassing. I'd never steal nowadays tho
MOMto2Kitties MOMto2Kitties 8 years
No, never. I was always too scared to get in trouble. But I did have a friend years ago who did, we aren't friends now because I do not want to hang out with people who could get me in trouble doing dumb things.
havok636 havok636 8 years
i stole eye shadow once. not really sure why. i bought like, $50 worth of other stuff.
cottonpoots cottonpoots 8 years
Sadly, I have stolen a tube of chapstick before. I don't do it anymore though!
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years
No, I have never stolen anything.
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