Heidi Klum will be the latest addition to the long list of celebrities who have appeared in the wildly popular "Got Milk?" ad campaign, Vogue UK reports. The German model and Project Runway host will be featured wearing a customary Bavarian maid outfit, alongside a milking cow — just in time for Halloween.

All this talk about this healthy, white drink got me thinking, just what is it about milk that does a body good, in terms of beauty, of course? According to the California Milk Processor Board, people have been using milk for beauty purposes for hundreds of years. In fact, Bella favorite, Cleopatra, used to bathe in milk for radiantly smooth skin. To check out some more milk beauty benefits, keep reading.

Milk has . . .

  • Proteins, lipids, vitamin A, B6, calcium, biotin, and potassium to make hair soft and shiny. Drink away.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids and lactic acid that, when applied to the skin, help to exfoliate. Psst — this also translates to antiaging benefits, too.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties to help calm red or irritated skin, making it especially great for babies or those with sensitive skin. Have a sunburn? Try a cold compress of whole milk to soothe.
  • Moisturizing properties. Fat and proteins (whey and casein) help rejuvenate dry skin. Try Skin Milk Body Lotion ($6.49).
  • The ability to close the hair's cuticle, providing loads of shine — Carol's Daughter Hair Milk ($12).
  • Calcium, which helps to strengthen nails.

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