Even though you and I won't be at the Oscars this weekend, it never hurts to know how to look red-carpet ready. I recently had the chance to chat with the gorgeous Heidi Klum and her team of professionals, including Victoria’s Secret makeup artist Linda Hay, and was able to pick up some great tips and tricks for looking your best at a glamorous event. Heidi also dished about what's in her handbag on the big night and how to photograph like a supermodel, so read on.

How can we cover up blemishes or undereye circles without it looking mask-like?
Linda Hay: My secret to a subtle cover-up starts with a sheer concealer that's one shade lighter than your skin. Apply it directly to the spot and blend with a concealer brush. Add a light sweep of powder to the area and the entire face, but don't pile on too much directly on the spot—otherwise it will look chalky and draw more attention.

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Any tips or tricks to help us look more photogenic?
Heidi Klum: Models know how to make their faces look photogenic because they've had a lot of practice. Take a few shots on your digital camera or practice in the mirror to see what looks best. Find the spot where your chin isn't too high and you get a double chin—or too low, and you get a funny, distorted face. But on the red carpet, cameras come at you from all angles and it's impossible to pose perfectly for everyone. So I think you just need to have fun with it—because it shows if you don't!

Which types of products are essential for any evening bag?
Heidi Klum: Evening bags are getting smaller and smaller so I can only fit the bare necessities in my clutch for red carpet touch-ups. I keep Beauty Rush blotting sheets, a Very Sexy powder compact and small blush brush, and the Very Sexy lip gloss or lipstick shade I'm wearing for the evening. I check my makeup about every hour to make sure everything is in place. Then I'll use the blotting sheets, which are great alternatives to powder because you won't wind up with an inch of makeup on by the end of the night. But powder and gloss are equally important to keep your makeup looking fresh and pretty. My super-secret tip is I can't fit the powder compact into a very tiny evening bag, I'll take some shavings of the pressed powder wrapped in a tissue!