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Being healthy and eating a well-balanced diet is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. Align, the number-one gastroenterologist-recommended probiotic supplement**, wants us all to maintain overall digestive health, which is why it's giving away samples of its amazing probiotic*. To receive your freebie, simply answer the poll question below. Be sure you're logged in, and act fast — you're not the only one who loves free samples!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**Among gastroenterologists who recommended a brand of probiotic in a Wolters Kluwer 2010 survey.

Shawn14695022 Shawn14695022 4 years
ok so answered the poll now what ?
sharonsedlak sharonsedlak 5 years
now what how do i get the sample
emeraldeyes1940 emeraldeyes1940 5 years
I definitly want a free sample, please!
KAEB06 KAEB06 6 years
Hope there are still samples available!
Awesome! I have been wanting to test this out!
wj89 wj89 6 years
godd stuff, take it everyday. free would be great!
Glensusanp Glensusanp 6 years
Awesome! I have been wanting (needing) to try Align for awhile now! This would be super! Thanks!
Ladyd27 Ladyd27 6 years
I would love to try a sample of Align! Thank you for this opportunity. LadyD27 kleimanlaw at aol dot com
cuteface cuteface 6 years
I would love a sample
sarahmchan sarahmchan 6 years
i heard about this. very interested to try!
ericaamber ericaamber 6 years
A sample would be fabulous!!! This product is supposed to be fabulous!!
pixie0727 pixie0727 6 years
how do you get the sample if you don't have my address? please answer
amy6512 amy6512 6 years
I would love to try Align. Thanks
SeeJainRun SeeJainRun 6 years
Hope I got in on this in time... Lord knows I need it!
matzsmith matzsmith 6 years
I need to be Align-ed
akatich akatich 6 years
I would love a sample!
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 6 years
My gastroentrologist just told me to buy Align. I have suffered from stomach problems for as long as I can remember and I just went through a dreaded colonoscopy last week to try and figure out what the deal is. Two years ago I had a colectomy... which really did not help my problems at all... granted that was not a voluntary procedure so I had a cecal volvulus that would have killed me if I didn't get my booty on over to the hospital. I have to go in for another 6 hour procedure soon, oh joy, but in the mean time my doctor told me to get some Align, so I would love a sample, just to see if it may actually help me!
ljcc7799 ljcc7799 6 years
Yes, I will like to sample Align.
amah8223 amah8223 6 years
Sample please!
ibte ibte 6 years
I would like a sample of Align,
Jillyk530 Jillyk530 6 years
Oh I want a sample! Been wanting to try Align for a while!
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