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Henna Crowns For Cancer Patients

The Powerful Way One Henna Artist Is Using Her Talent to Help Cancer Patients

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After first discovering the medium in 2008, Sarah Walters quickly mastered traditional henna techniques. Now, Sarah donates her expertise by adorning chemotherapy patients who have lost their hair with powerful and beautiful crowns.

The artist, who now operates under her own Bothell, WA-based business named Sarahenna, offers the crown designs to cancer patients free of charge. In an interview with POPSUGAR, Sarah said she created her first crown in 2011 for her mom's friend. "When my mom asked me to do a crown for her friend who was fighting cancer, I was excited for the opportunity. After that, I knew I wanted to make them accessible to anyone and everyone who had lost their hair during chemo."

Now, Sarah permanently offers the service and works to make each crown unique to the customer. She said, "Every henna crown I create is its own unique piece of art! They're sometimes inspired by a design I've done previously; but most often it's a spontaneous creation based on certain motifs or shapes that they like." She also carefully takes into account the health and well-being of her patients, so the henna paste she uses is completely plant-based.

While more permanent procedures — like mastectomy tattoos — have risen in popularity for cancer patients and survivors, Sarah's service provides an alternative and temporary option that is still just as special: "The experience of receiving a crown is peaceful and calming, like a spa treatment. It feels nice to have someone take care of you and beautify you, in the same way that a trip to the salon can give you a little boost of self-esteem." She added, "It's a positive experience that's in contrast to all of their medical appointments. I hope that my crowns make them feel loved."

Look ahead for pictures of Sarah's gorgeous crowns.

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