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I remember the first time I ever experienced the magic of an oil-blotting paper. Picture it, Sophia Petrillo-style: It was a steaming hot day in Chicago circa 2000. My friend and I were bridesmaids in a wedding, and our carefully applied makeup was melting more and more by the minute. Out popped her stash of this brand new product she turned me on to, called "blotting sheets." I was hooked from then on. Here we are, several years later and just about every makeup company around has some type of oil-absorbing tissues, linens, papers, and/or films — some even enclosed in their own fancy case. The most recently launched blotter comes to us from Tatcha. Its aburatorigami ($12-30), aka "oil blotting paper" in Japan, also refers to a special kind of paper that's a by-product of the gold leaf manufacturing process. In fact, the beauty benefits of aburatorigami were well-known in the 1800s by geisha. (It looks like these now-mainstream purse staples aren't so "new" after all.)

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blondeyy blondeyy 7 years
I used rice paper for years, until I received Sephora's blotting papers free with my last purhcase there. They are great! They aren't the papery crinkly kind. They are very pliable, and it is amazing how much oil (sebum) it shows on on a hot day. :makeup: But, I have heard on some other blog here on Bella that Walgreen's makes a version that work very nicely and CHEAP....
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