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Highlighter Hacks | Strobing Makeup Tutorial

7 Highlighter Hacks That'll Instantly Give You a Gorgeous Glow

Highlighter Hacks | Strobing Makeup Tutorial

Most days we look at contouring tutorials and think, "We don't have time for this." The act of sculpting the face with concealer, corrector, bronzer, and highlighter is exhausting. Now, there is a new makeup trend infiltrating YouTube, and it's called strobing. The technique uses only highlighter to create a dewy yet chiseled complexion. In layman's terms, strobing is extreme highlighting.

At first we were skeptical. Can just highlighter give you the same effect as a full-out contour routine? Now, MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Romero Jennings has us convinced (check out the before-and-after photos ahead). The right placement of illuminator can plump your lips, sculpt your cheeks, and slim your nose. Romero reveals all his strobing secrets ahead. Plus, he gave us the inside scoop on two new makeup techniques: reverse contouring and #kittenpaws (which is going to be HUGE on social media). Curious? Keep reading.

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