Last night's episode of The Hills was all about disagreeing couples. On one end, per usual, we had Brody and Jayde quarreling at Kristin's beach house party. Could it be that Brody still has a thing for his ex, Kristin? On the other end, we saw Justin playing mind games with Kristin, as he jokingly texts that he wouldn't be able to make it to her party, even though he eventually shows up. One more strike, buddy, and you're in trouble. In the meantime, over at Heidi's house, Mrs. Pratt and ironically, Stephanie, who was recently arrested for a DUI, cornered Holly about her drinking problem. Thanks to her dance moves and affinity for Jack and Cokes, we might just see the older of the Montag sisters headed off to rehab.
How closely were you paying attention to the beauty details of last night's episode? Take my quiz now to find out, and for all of the fashion looks, be sure to check out CelebStyle.

Photo courtesy of MTV

The Hills Beauty Quiz: Episode 5, "Sorry Boo, Strike Two"

What color is Jayde's headband when she talks with Brody at the beginning of the episode?