On last night's episode of The Hills, Kristin and Stacie head to Vegas, baby. Their goal is to forget their LA problems and pick up lots of boys dressed in their skimpy finest. "We're not looking for Mr. Right, we're looking for Mr. Right Now," declares Stacie. However, after noticing an abundance of "douchey" guys, Kristin, in a moment of weakness, calls a mystery man. Is it Justin? Could it be Brody? The next morning, much to our shirtless manjoyment, we discover it's Audrina's ex, Justin. Where exactly is the future heading for these two, anyway?
Speaking of couples, Spencer has suspicions about Heidi tricking him into becoming a father after he finds a pregnancy test. If only there was a birth control pill for men, he'd surely be taking it, he confesses. All sexual tensions aside, how closely were you paying attention to the beauty details of this episode? It's time to take my quiz below to find out, and be sure to check out Geek's tech quiz, along with CelebStyle for some fashion.

Photo courtesy of MTV

The Hills Beauty Quiz: Episode Nine, "Mr. Right Now"

How does Heidi wear her hair during dinner at Katsuya?