Finding the right hold hair spray is trickier than you think. If it's too light of a hold, your time consuming runway blow out will fall, and if it's too strong, you risk looking like you have a stiff and unnatural lack of movement to your "on-air journalist hair."

I've found that these three sprays fall perfectly in between. They give you a firm enough hold so that you can rely on them to last without having that icky and sticky feeling.

Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold Hair Spray is a light control spray best used for misting. It smells delicious and actually leaves an air of pleasant floral-y (gardenia) room deodorizer behind as opposed to that smelly and strong old-school hairspray scent that makes your eyes water. Buy this wonderfully large 10-ounce bottle here for $32.

Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray has a little bit of a firmer hold and a gentle light mist quality to it, so it's great for all-over hold as opposed to zoning in on one small section. It helps control humidity as well as color protection, since it contains an SPF triple color protection complex. It's available in three sizes, including a 1.5 oz travel size which I love. I just leave it in my cosmetics case as a travel staple. Buy the larger, 11.6-ounce product here for $35, the 5.6-ounce size for $22.50, or the travel size for $9.

To see one more great hairspray,

Redken Workforce 09 Flexible Volumizing Hair Spray is also now one of my faves. After watching its gentle mist at Rachael Ray's show, I went out to buy some. What's great about this product is its flexibility. Its got a medium level hold to it, but you can gently brush your hair after the spray is dry and it looks really soft and natural. It's also very affordable. Buy it here for $13.49.