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Every day feels like a holiday when you've got your soul mate at your side. That's all the more reason, come holiday time, to present him with the perfect gift that celebrates his distinctive personality — and your love and appreciation of it! Whether he's a sports fan, a style maven, a grooming guru, or a geek at heart, our insightful gift guide below has all the shopping inspiration you need.

Finger-Tipping Good
He'll "glove" texting, emailing, dialing, and playing in snug style with a pair of "smart" gloves featuring special fingertips conducive to touch-screen devices.

Smarter Than the Average Tie
Think cozy, not stuffy, with a textured tie made from an unexpected (but Winter-friendly) material like soft Fair Isle or warm and wooly flannel.

Carry On
Maybe he's always on the go for business, maybe he's got a touch of wanderlust, or maybe he's just tired of toting his toothbrush back and forth from your place in a plastic baggie. Either way, every guy needs a handsome toiletry case with room for all his must haves.

Winning Ways
Can't compete with his love of the game? See if his passion transfers to some of your childhood favorites with keepsake editions of classics like checkers, dominoes, charades, or playing cards.

Cuff 'Em
Even the most low-key dude needs a quality pair of cuff links for those times when you just have to suit up. Despite their stodgy rep, there's lots of fun to be had with personalization — from sports (or sports team) to food-and-drink to comic character themes.

Eye Do
Sunglasses are more than a style staple; they offer essential eye protection all year round. Give his baby blues, browns, or greens the TLC they deserve with a classic pair of aviators — universally flattering and always chic.

Facial Flair

Whether he favors a simple goatee, a thin chin strap, or a clean shave with sharp sideburns, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler lets your man master his best look, even in the shower. The 3-in-1 facial hair styling tool trims evenly, shaves closely, and edges accurately — and rinses easily under a stream of water when he's done. Even better, the ProGlide Styler comes in an Organizer case so his styling tools are as well put together as he is. Don't forget to include some Gillette Fusion ProGlide Clear Shave Gel in his stocking!