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How-To: Bohemian Double Braids (For Shorter, Layered Hair!)

Who else would have a bird feather in her hair but PetSugar? She was so inspired by Nicole Richie's earthy double braids that she set out with some bobby pins and rubber bands to create her own.
Worried that she didn't have enough hair to properly recreate the original look, she tweaked it and made it work. Get her modified version for shorter, layered hair when you


  1. Start off with your hair parted normally whether you usually part to the left, right, or up the center. Begin a loose French braid angled down along one side of your face heading towards your ear.
  2. Attach a rubber band once you get right behind the ear or whenever you run out of hair from the layers in front. Repeat the process on the other side.
  3. Next, divide all the hair that's down (including the two ponytails from the ends of your French braids) and form two more very loose braids with all of your remaining locks.
  4. Use bobby pins to pull the bottom of each individual braid to the other side of your head so they criss-cross and secure.
  5. If you don't have enough hair to form a bun with the braids, hide the boring, pinned results with an oversized barrette, hair pin or clip.
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