With the holidays coming up, you want to look festive. My advice? Ditch the reindeer sweater and wear red lipstick instead. As a general guideline, you'll look best wearing this bold hue if you figure out the undertones in your skin to help guide you along the way.

If you're cool-toned, you probably look better in silver jewelry and certain reds. Take a look at some of my tips below:

  • When choosing for a cool-toned red, look for blue-based reds. Names like garnet, berry, cherry, and wine often suggest cooler shades.
  • Yellow teeth? Cool-toned reds will help neutralize the dinginess. Go ahead, have another glass of red wine.
  • Are you a brunette, a flaming bright redhead, or a platinum blonde? Chances are that bluish-reds will look great on you. Also, deeper skin tones look great in these shades.