There are many times when tossing that hair back into a ponytail is just the easiest option, particularly during the warmer months. But, do you ever get bored by the same old, same old?

Herbal Essences stylist to the stars, Charles Baker Strahan has already shared with us a fresh haircut idea for Spring, and now, he's got some ideas on making your ponytail stand out. "Ponytails can be very chic. It is all about where you place them and the texture you have in the hair," he says.

"Stick-straight hair begs for a very high pony or a very low one, whereas I like a middle placement for more natural or wavy textures," says Strahan. Feeling more adventurous? "I enjoy seeing small braids or twists (in an odd number) on someone with a natural/wavy texture because it adds romance to a midrange pony," he added.

As far as high ponytails are concerned, Strahan likes adding three cornrows above the brow for an edgier feel. What's your favorite option for this go-to style?