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How-To: A Natural-Looking Brow

Bold brows are not just for the runways, you know. Thin, highly arched brows can make you look older, but a fuller, darker, more natural-looking brow can do wonders to flatter your face. So if you think you're ready to give this look a shot,


  • Step 1: Assess what you have. Take a look at your brows and decide what their natural color is. Your most flattering brow shade will either match your color, or be one to two shades darker. The idea behind bold brows is to just to enhance their natural color in order to make them stand out more on the face.
  • STEP 2: Choose your shade. The general rule of thumb is that the lighter your brow, the closer you should stick to your natural color. Below is an idea of where you can take your color, based on what you have to begin with:
    • If they're blonde, you can go blonde to dark blonde.
    • If they're dark blonde, you can go light brown to brown.
    • If they're brown, you can go dark brown to chestnut brown.
    • If they're black, keep them black or try a soft black.
    • If they're silver or gray, try soft gray, black, or dark brown (depending on your hair color).
    • If they're auburn, you can go dark blonde or auburn.
  • STEP 3: Time to add color! Once you've chosen the right hue for your brows, you have a few options for coloring them. Brow powders look more natural than pencils, and give a longer lasting, deeper color. Dip an angled brow brush like this Laura Mercier Brow Definer Brush ($25) into a brow powder like this Bare Escentuals Essential Brow Color ($11). The trick here is to get just a bit of powder on the brush, tap off the excess, and sweep it in an upward motion onto your brows. For help staying within the lines, try using the Anastasia Brow Stencils ($20).
  • STEP 4: Polish them off! Nothing looked more well-groomed than finishing off your brow color with a clear or lightly tinted brow mousse or gel. This will help your neatly groomed brows stay put all day while adding the faintest sheen. You can either go with a clear brow mousse like Amazing Cosmetics Brow Gel ($12), or add a bit more color with a tinted gel, like Stila Brow Polish ($14). When applying either a mousse or gel, brush brows upwards and outwards instead of diagonally with the natural grain. This gives more volume and helps plump them up for a more dramatic effect.


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