One movie premiere, but double the hairdos for Nicole Kidman! Though she wore long, loose locks at the screening of Australia in Sydney, she chose this beaded style for the photocall beforehand. I'm here to help you re-create this look for any evening out – all you need is two rubber bands, pretty barrette optional.To get the look,


  1. Sweep your hair over to one side of your head. Take most of your hair and pull it aside with a clip (you don't need that part now) but leave a small piece hanging down at the bottom.
  2. Take that loose piece and make a ponytail slightly to one side on the back of your head. Since this will form the middle section of the bun, place the ponytail where you want the center to be. Pull the elastic over it, leaving a small loop with loose ends over the nape of your neck when you secure it.
  3. Grab the rest of your hair as if you were going to make another ponytail, but begin twisting it until it coils around the first bump that you made. Put the second hair tie around the bun and leave the remaining, dangling ends over the original set on your neck.
  4. Add a barrette for a special touch. Check out a couple beaded versions below.