"I've done full makeup in less than six minutes," Bruce Grayson said when I interviewed the head of the Emmys makeup department. While many among us are used to doing our makeup in under six minutes — sometimes in a car mirror with screaming children — I thought you might like to know how a pro accomplishes such a thing. After all, unless you've got the paparazzi in the car behind you, your rush job isn't getting splashed across weekly tabs like Bruce's.

For a minute-by-minute plan based on his ideas,


  • Minute one: Cover any pimples or red spots with a concealer.
  • Minute two: Apply eyeliner. "I use a gel eyeliner," Grayson says. "I know I can just make one dash across the eye. Maybe use a Q-tip to blend if you have a second."
  • Minute three: Sweep on an eyeshadow. "Don’t get into shading the eye or getting in the crease," he advises.
  • Minute four: Rub in a gel or cream blush. "I prefer them because they don't sit on top of the skin, they blend in," he explains.
  • Minute five: "You get really fast about mascara," says Grayson. Just sweep one one coat and forget it.
  • Minute six: Lip balm. Dunzo!