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Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 4 years
 @CreatingEmmaM I don't wear a whole lot of liquid eyeliner myself, but I've heard great things about Wet 'n Wild's H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner and Almay's Liquid Eyeliner. Hope this helps!
elissasangi elissasangi 4 years
Melissa - NO. I can't get anywhere on this site. Trying to put pic up and couldn't find it. When I finally found my site, 15 min. later, I had 20 of the same pics up, because they came up somewhere but not here.      EmmaM, I don't like liquid eyeliner and there are a couple of things I use. I wear eyeliner every day and wear a small cats eye during the day and a thicker cats eye in the evening. Right now, I started using a black, crayon pencil again, for the inital line.  Experiment and find which pencil is right for you. Payot is good and Maybelline is good. It leaves a good, deep color. You don't have to keep going over it. Then I have a black, L'Oreal eye shadow. I take an eyeliner brush, wet it and wet the shadow. It's the right consistancy when you see it get creamy. Don't make the shadow really wet! I put that over the pencil liner. Let it dry. Use a Q-tip to smooth out anything. The BEST remover for eye liner, eye make-up is your own tears. Put the Q-tip in the inner corner of your eyes and use that bit of wet from the tear duct, to smooth out any small imperfections. Also, what I like about this, is when I go for touch ups during the day and afternoon, I can use any color,crayon pencil I like over this (dark emerald green, deep eggplants or deep navy).For my other application, I take black shadow on an angled brush and make the cats eye, close to the lashes and do the same trick with the wet shadow. Sometimes I use a deep blue wet shadow - always over they first, basic black line. The first line is really for balance with the wet liner, so I use a deep grey, also. For a cat's eye, I start with the outer edge of the eye. Just a bit up from the corner and angle it to the middle of my eyelashes. Then I go to the inner corner, along the base of the lash (they meet in the middle). With practice, this takes 4 seconds. If you're using an eye-shadow, especially light, on the lid, do that first and then do the eyeliner. Otherwise, the shadow will cover the liner;you'll have to go over it again. This is the best technique I have found, for me and I've been doing it every day for years. I had to practice to figure it out and get it right and I ALWAYS get compliments on my eyeliner. So people really do notice. Hope this helped you, some!
CreatingEmmaM CreatingEmmaM 4 years
Love this! Any tips on what the best liquid liners are though? Am always trying to find one that doesn't flake off by the end of my crazy day. xx
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 4 years
 @Melissa2696120  So sorry! That's probably just a source link to where I got some of the photos, which we are required to disclose. Hopefully when you click the red "next" button it advances you to the next slide. If not, please let me know. 
Melissa2696120 Melissa2696120 4 years
@Jaime Richards
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 4 years
 @Melissa2696120 Oh no! Sorry about that. What site are you being taken to? 
Melissa2696120 Melissa2696120 4 years
Am i the only person this isn't working for? When ever i click the pictures to view the captions, it takes me to a different website. Wth? Lol
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