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How Bad Is It to Wash Hair Every Day?

How Bad Is It, Really, to Break These Hair Care Rules?

How many times have you been told that it's not a good idea to wash your hair every day? And yet do you still find yourself lathering your locks in the shower morning after morning? According to Emmy Award-winning stylist Curt Darling, not listening to certain hair care philosophies can cause some serious strand damage. "Hair is the ultimate accessory," he says. So there's no better time than now to start treating it right. Find out how bad those alleged must-follow rules are when you keep reading.

So, How Bad Is It to . . .

Wash your hair every day? Darling compares overwashing your hair to overwashing your favorite piece of clothing; if you were to wash your favorite shirt every day, it would fade and become threadbare. "The fabric of your hair is the same in that it gets worked out and dry from overcleansing," he says. The tone of your hair can also fade, causing your strands to look dull and drab.
Bottom Line: Horrible

Not get regular haircuts? "A great haircut is the foundation of your everyday style," Darling says. Cuts can usually last about six weeks, but it depends on the style and texture of your hair, along with other influences. If you abuse the straightening iron, for instance, you'll want to trim your ends regularly. However, if you tend to be kinder to your locks, you can leave a little time between cuts.
Bottom Line: Pretty bad

Use hot tools (like blow-dryers and straighteners) every day? Like washing your hair too often, using hot tools on your hair will wear it out and drastically drain its moisture. "On top of that, if we are burning it into submission on a daily basis, we may wake up one day with scarecrow hair!" Darling says. He suggest using a dry shampoo every other day, cutting your need to use hot tools in half. "Over the course of a year, it can make a huge difference."
Bottom Line: Terrible

Bleach your hair? It may seem like the worst possible thing to do your hair, but Darling maintains that bleaching isn't the monster-under-the-bed it's made out to be. "When hair is bleached by a highly skilled stylist, great results can be had with minimal damage to the hair," he says. Bleaching can also give your hair punched-up tone and texture. Just make sure to properly care for your locks after you bleach them.
Bottom Line: Not too bad

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