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How to Choose Eyeglasses by Your Hair Color

From face shape, eye color, and skin tone, there are a variety of factors that go into what eyeglass frames to choose. You can even look to your hair color to guide you when making a choice between those funky green shades or whimsical yellow specs. Uncover how your color — real or assisted by the bottle — can impact your eyeglass selection below.

  • Warm or cool?: If you have cool-toned hair, you probably have ashy brown, dishwater-blond, salt-and-pepper, silver, platinum, coffee brown, or bluish-black tones in your hair. If you've got warm-toned hair, perhaps you have golden blond, golden brown, copper, auburn, flat black, dirty gray, or strawberry blond locks.
  • For cool tones: Frames that are black, pink, plum, blue, burgundy, purple, magenta, cool green (not too much yellow), dark tortoise, rosy, and white can be flattering for those with cool tones in their hair.
  • For warm tones: Think red, warm reds, off-white, light tortoise, coral, warm green, gold, copper, peach, or khaki frames to complement warm-toned hair.
  • A few more tips: Depending on the tone of the hair, black-haired beauties just might be lucky enough to wear whatever they like. Just like black clothing is so versatile, black hair can be, as well. For silver-haired folks, a bright pop of color is always flattering — even red or a bold purple. Just don't go too drab. For blond locks, consider a clear or whitish frame, and for brunettes, it's best to determine whether your undertones skew more ashy/cool or golden/warm before making a spectacle of yourself. (Sorry.)

Source: Flickr user lanuiop

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sourcherry sourcherry 7 years
Argh, I hate having hair with warm tones, because I love black frames, but they clash too much with my hair. Besides I'm quite pale, which doesn't help at all...
Beauty Beauty 7 years
I know. It's complicated, and there is no exact science. I'd look at your skin tone first, then your hair and eye color. Figure out if you're a warm or a cool from there. Also, even if you are a "cool" but you are choosing a "warm" shade, go for it. Your personal preferences should always win out in the end.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Ugh - this is complicated - I constantly change my hair color (usually my stylist recommends warm tones (reds and caramel browns) even though I'm naturally an ash blonde.
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