Whether light, dark, orangey, or slightly berry-toned, red lips are popping up all over. That's because red lips never go out of style. Looking for tips to help you get this look right? Over the next few days I'll be featuring all you ever wanted to know about applying this bright color — just in time for the holidays. Time to feel confident about stepping out in red.

When it comes to the most complementary way to wear red lips, it's all about the undertones. Are you cool or warm? If you don't know, take my color quiz to help you find out.

If you're warm with olive or yellow undertones, choose a lipstick with orange or brown tones. (Think brick red or fire-engine red.) If you're cool with pinkish or reddish undertones, pick a red lipstick with blue or pink tones. Don't try to match your lipstick to your red clothing. Red is a hard color to duplicate, and you can end up looking overdone. Tomorrow, I'll share some specific colors for cool-toned complexions.

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